Biden Won Electoral Battle, Most Sources Say
November 15, 2020

Final tallies are still to be set for most of the states and territories in which votes were cast for the 2020 presidential and congressional elections. As of November 15, most political and media authorities in the U.S. have settled on a victory in the presidential race for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate and former Vice-president. The incumbent, President Donald Trump, is not conceding the race and has filed lawsuits in several states, seeking to prove allegations of voting irregularities. The deadline for all states to certify their voting results is the end of November. The Electoral College will meet on December 14, and it is expected that on that day, Biden will formally be declared the 46th President of the United States.

Blackbeard's Final Battle
In his heyday, in the early 18th Century, Blackbeard was one of the most feared names in North America and Europe, a symbol of terror on the high seas whose rumored achievements far outweighed his actual accomplishments.

Magellan Begins Historic Crossing
The voyage led by Ferdinand Magellan faced many unknowns in its historic first curcumnavigation of the earth, including the crossing of the vast Pacific Ocean. Magellan and his wary crew began this part of their journey on Nov. 25, 1520, and finished it (famished and despairing) a grim 98 days later.


The Story of the Thanksgiving Holiday
The holiday that Americans know as Thanksgiving did not become a federal celebration until 1863. It was largely through the persistence of author and magazine editor Sarah Josepha Hale (also known as the author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb") that Thanksgiving became a national holiday.

The First Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving was probably not what we think it was.

The Thanksgiving Feast
How did the different foods we eat on Thanksgiving become official? Check out what's known and not known.

The Pilgrims: Voyage to Freedom
Follow the Pilgrims as they sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America, in search of religious freedom. See who they meet when they land in New England. Find out about the first Thanksgiving.

Why Is It?

Why Is It That Jeans Are Blue? Jeans
Jeans are commonplace for many generations of people today–in America, especially, but also in many other countries. Jeans come in many colors these days, but the most common color is the original, blue. Why?

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