Leonardo Painting Auction Prediction: $100 Million
October 15, 2017
A painting by the creator of the Mona Lisa could fetch $100 million at auction. Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi was painted about the same time as the Mona Lisa, art historians believe, but had private owners for centuries before being rediscovered in 1900. Officials said that the price paid for the painting in a 1958 Christie's auction was $60. The painting was identified as Leonardo's work only in 2011. It is the only known Leonardo painting still in private hands.


Roman Britain
Trade flourished between Britain and the Roman world for a few decades after Julius Caesar left for good, but no Roman troops crossed the Channel for a good while. Eventually, a new emperor, Claudius, found the need to prove himself so he decided to have his troops invade Britain. Claudius ordered an expedition of conquest, sending 40,000 troops and several war elephants to Britain. ... And so on, as Rome rolls across Britain and eventually conquer it and Wales.

Find out more about Roman Britain – its people and armies and religion and daily life.


Erie Canal Opens for Business
How the Erie Canal was created and financed is the story of one man's desire and many people's skepticism. That one man was New York Gov. DeWitt Clinton, who had the foresight to envision a waterway that would link his state's main port, New York City, with the fertile plains of the Midwest, enabling trade between the nation's hinterlands and the other countries of the world. His opponents called the Erie Canal "Clinton's Folly," but Clinton had the last laugh, as the Canal became one of the nation's busiest waterways and most enduring symbols of rising industrial might.


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