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Women Promoted for Face of $20 Bill
Call it crowd-sourcing for the face of money. A nonprofit organization has launched an online campaign to get a woman's face on a denomination of United States paper money. The group, Women on 20s, has targeted the $20 bill, which currently features the face of Andrew Jackson on the front. If the group succeeds, then Jackson's face will be replaced by that of one of 15 famous American women. The organization launched the effort, which began with a publicity campaign and the opening of an online voting forum, in March 2015, to coincide with Women's History Month. Possibly the most famous name on the list is Rosa Parks, the civil rights pioneer who was a leading figure in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and campaigned for civil rights for decades.

Moon Crater Named after Aviatrix Earhart
Scientists have discovered a rare kind of crater on the Moon and named it after pioneering pilot Amelia Earhart. The 124-mile-wide crater is on the Earth-facing side of the Moon but is underground and was found by NASA's Grail spacecraft, which had mapped the satellite's gravity field. Variations in the acceleration of gravity suggested that scientists should look a bit further. They then did some high-level mathematics and predicted that what they were seeing in the reports from the spacecraft was evidence of the huge underground crater. It was the first crater of its kind discovered in more than 100 years, scientists said.


Jamestown: First English Colony in America
Explorers had been landing in America for some time before English settlers arrived in what is now Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. But it was in that spot on the James River that English colonization began and with it, the history of America.

The Pilgrims: Voyage to Freedom
Follow the Pilgrims as they sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America, in search of religious freedom. See who they meet when they land in New England. Find out about the first Thanksgiving.

The 13 American Colonies
This fun, illustrated article describes the 13 American Colonies in detail, from economics to religion to agriculture to revolution. Also includes a clickable map with links to individual descriptions of each colony and a list of the first European settlements in North America. Outstanding resource!

John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press
This was the first libel case in America. It forever set the standard for freedom of the press and made a hero of not only Zenger but also his lawyer, Andrew Hamilton.

The Great Awakening
The Great Awakening was a series of religious revivals in the North American British colonies during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

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