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Evidence Proves China's Great Flood Story
August 6, 2016
For years, it has been but a story; now, geologists have evidence of its truth. The Great Flood of China really happened, researchers say. The Emperor Yu, founder of the Xia dynasty, is known for being able to tame the flood by directing his people to dredge the land enough to get the water to back into its channels. The traditional date of the flood, if it was assumed to be historical, had been 2200 B.C. Many scholars had thought that the flood story was invented, in order to provide an opportunity for Yu to justify his actions in uniting the disparate peoples and asserting his rule over them, creating the first Chinese dynasty. Now, however, evidence suggests that the flood did indeed happen, a few hundred years later than first believed.


Jamestown: First English Colony in America
Explorers had been landing in America for some time before English settlers arrived in what is now Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. But it was in that spot on the James River that English colonization began and with it, the history of America.

The Pilgrims: Voyage to Freedom
Follow the Pilgrims as they sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America, in search of religious freedom. See who they meet when they land in New England. Find out about the first Thanksgiving.

The 13 American Colonies
This fun, illustrated article describes the 13 American Colonies in detail, from economics to religion to agriculture to revolution. Also includes a clickable map with links to individual descriptions of each colony and a list of the first European settlements in North America. Outstanding resource!

Farming in the 13 American Colonies
The focus is on agriculture in this look at how the colonists farmed and what they grew. See wheat turn into flour!

Religion in the 13 American Colonies
In colonial America, how you worshipped depended on where you lived. See how each colony taught religion and where they gathered for worship.

Education in the 13 American Colonies
Did colonial schools really keep girls out? Find out this and more in this entertaining look at education in colonial times.

Food in the 13 American Colonies
What did the colonists eat and how did they get it? This fun, illustrated article tells you.

Parks and Fun in the 13 American Colonies
Did colonial kids play? If so, what games did they play? This article has the answers for you. Some things haven't changed.

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