Geography: Unforgiving Places

Unforgiving Places are the deserts, mountain ranges, and wastelands of the world. Find out more about these lonely yet intriguing places.

The Sahara Desert: Hot Sands of Africa
The desert stretches 3,000 miles across the northern part of Africa. More than one-quarter of its surface is sand dunes, some as high as 500 feet. A handful of mountains can be found in the Sahara, with the summit being Mount Koussi, at 11,204 feet.

Mount Everest: Land in the Clouds
Mount Everest is the highest above-land mountain in the world. It stretches 29,028 feet above sea level. It is part of the Himalaya Mountain Range and straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet.

Antarctica: Continent of Endless Ice
Antarctica is perhaps the most unforgiving place on Earth. A full 98 percent of it is covered by ice. That's not just any ice: The average thickness of that super-cold ice is about a mile.

Gobi Desert: Sands and Seasons
The Gobi is Asia's largest desert. It stretches nearly 1,000 miles east and west and nearly 5,000 miles north and south across large parts of Mongolia and China. In total, it covers 500,000 square miles.

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