Henry I: Margrave of Austria

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Henry I was the second Margrave of Austria. He ruled in the last part of the 10th Century and into the early 11th Century.

Henry I, Margrave of Austria

Like many people in early medieval times, Henry had few details of his early life recorded. His father was the first Magrave of Austria, Leopold the Illlustrious, and his mother was Richardis of Sualafeldgau. Henry was their firstborn son, and his birth date was not recorded.

Henry was presumably of age to rule in his own right when his father died, in 994. The Holy Roman Emperor Henry II granted Henry additional lands in 1002, and the margraviate's new neighbors proved problematic to Austrian peace. One of the neighbors, the Polish Duke Boleslaw I Chrobry, seized nearby cities and marches and then refused to pay tribute to emperor. Henry II responded with force, by 1004 removing Boleslaw from the Bohemian throne that he had seized from the rightful owner, Boleslav the Red.

Henry still, quite rightly, viewed Boleslaw Chrobry as a threat, and the Polish duke harassed Austria for a number of years. He launched full-scale attacks twice, in 1015 and 1017. In both instances, Henry marshaled his forces and defeated the invaders, earning him his appellation, Henry the Strong.

Henry lived not much longer, dying on June 23, 1018. Henry is not known to have married or have had children. His younger brother Adalbert succeeded him as leader of Austria.

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