Geography is more than maps. It's basic to any understanding of how to get from one place to another--in your head or on paper! Check out the links below to see how wide the world is.

Basic Geography: The Equator and the Prime Meridian
The earth is a globe, of course, and can be divided into lots of lines called latitude and longitude. Latitude lines run north and south; longitude lines run east and west. The lines measure distances in degrees. But where do you start? Where is 0 degrees? This illustrated article answers those questions and more in a fun, easy-to-read way.

Easter Island: Land of Giant Stones and Mysteries
In the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles away from the nearest population center, lies Easter Island, a strange and mysterious place famous for what happened there many years before and what kind of evidence has been left behind.

The Ten Longest Rivers in the World
You know the Nile River is the longest in the world, right? How long is it? What's Number 2? This article tells you, along with giving you the lengths and places of the Top 10 rivers in the world.

The River as Boundary
For thousands of years, rivers have served as lines of division between civilizations, political entities, and religious groups. Even today, rivers form boundaries between states, countries, and political groups. Find out more about the rivers of today and yesterday and the roles they played in the history of the world.

The River as Lifeline
Settlements yesterday and today flourish near rivers, which have and continue to carry all manner of goods, services, and opportunities. The very first civilizations grew up on the banks of rivers and expanded from there. Subsequent settlements and civilizations have followed suit. The rest is (and continues to be) history.

Bodies of Water
Bodies of water have names that are sometimes similar and sometimes different. Mostly, they are named according to size and location.

The International Date Line
What is this weird line exactly? This illustrated, easy-to-read article brings all into perspective. Find out who says where the Line goes and why the Line can be moved anytime at all.

Unforgiving Places
Deserts, mountains, wastelands—these are some of the planet's Unforgiving Places. Learn more about these lonely yet intriguing destinations.

The Life of Gerard Mercator
You know the Mercator Projection, right? Find out more about how it was made and about the exciting life of its creator, Belgian Gerard Mercator. Also includes an
explanation of what a Mercator Projection is.

Cool Geography: Global Positioning System (GPS)
With the GPS, you can find your location anywhere on the planet easily. Find out more about this cool geography tool.

Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude help us identify the location of places on a globe. These links give you a better understanding of these important concepts.

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