Geography is more than maps. It's basic to any understanding of how to get from one place to another--in your head or on paper! Check out the links below to see how wide the world is.

Global Warming
Global warming is a term on the lips of many people these days. Just what is global warming? Should people be worried? What can be done to stop global warming? Should it be stopped or ignored? These are just some of the questions that make up the current debate in the topic of climate change and its effect on life on Earth now and in the future.

El Niño and La Niña: Twin Weather-changers
El Niño and La Niña are Pacific Ocean climate cycles that can change weather patterns around the world. They are essentially opposites of each other.

Basic Geography: What's a Place?
Is a place where people live? Is it where things are? Is it both? This fun, illustrated article answers all those questions and more. Check it out!

Basic Geography: Mental Maps
Making a mental map is a very important skill. You never know when you're going to need to visualize a place or a location in your head.

Are You Map-Savvy?
Do you know how to read maps? You should. This fun article introduces you to several types of maps and also tells you how important it is to be map-savvy.

How People Change Their Geography
People are constantly changing their surroundings to meet their needs. More people means more housing and more demand for food.

How Geography Influences the Economy
It used to be that if you lived on the ocean, you were a fisherman. It's still true, sometimes.

Terrace Farming: Agriculture Innovation at Its Best
From ancient to modern times, farmers have used ingenious methods of making more farmland out of less land. An example of this is terrace farming, in which farmers make farmland out of steep slopes and reap the benefits of their creative thinking.

The Richter Scale
Just how do scientists come up with the numbers that seem to signify so much?

Literal Names of American Cities
Did Chicago really come from "stinky onion"? Discover the origin stories of nine American cities.

Geography Quizzes galore
Test your knowledge of maps, world capitals, U.S. state capitals, U.S. state abbreviations, and more`1

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