The Seven Most Visited National Parks in the U.S.

7. Olympic National Park
Location: Washington
Size: 922,000 acres
Established: June 29, 1938
2015 attendance: 3.3 million

Other facts:

  • Ice Age isolation led to 23 unique species (15 animals, 8 plants).
  • The park contains three distinct ecosystems: rugged Pacific shore, subalpine forest, and temperate rain forest.
  • The park is a United Nations World Heritage Site.
  • Found within the park is Mount Olympus, which rises 7,980 feet below sea level.




6. Zion National Park
Location: Utah
Size: 148,733 acres
Established: November 19, 1919
2015 attendance: 3.6 million

Other facts:

  • The Virgin River has been responsible for much of the landscape-shaping here.
  • Zion Canyon stretches 15 miles through the park.
  • Horse Ranch Mountain, at 8,726 feet, is the highest point in the park; the lowest point is 3,666 feet, at Coalpits Wash.
  • Kolob Arch, at 284 feet long, is one of the world’s largest freestanding natural arches.
  • More than 100 miles of wilderness trails dot the landscape.

5. Yellowstone National Park
Location: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Size: 2.2 million acres
Established: March 1, 1872
2015 attendance: 4.1 million

Other facts:

  • This was the first national park in the world.
  • Old Faithful, an uncharacteristically regularly spouting geyser, is one of the world’s most famous attractions.
  • The park is one of the world’s largest wildlife reserves.
  • More geysers and hot springs can be found here than anywhere else on the planet.

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