Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a fascinating time and place. Visit it again or for the first time with these links, your gateway to the ancient past.

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• Adventures in Ancient Greece

An Introduction to Ancient Greece
Get the basics on the people and places of ancient Greece. Learn about the birth of democracy, the great advances in math and science, the terrible wars, and the rise of Alexander the Great.

Athens and Sparta: Similar Yet Different
The ancient city-states of Athens and Sparta were similar in several important ways and different in several important ways. This illustrated article explores both.

Lycurgus and Solon: Lawgivers of Ancient Greece
The people of ancient Athens and Sparta revered Solon and Lycurgus as the men who gave them the laws they based their societies on. These men are shrouded in mystery, as is the time when they gave those laws. Find out more about these famous men and how what they said transcended their own time and place.

Ancient Greece Glossary
Meet the people, places, and things that made ancient Greece exciting!

Timeline of Ancient Greece
Follow the developments of ancient Greece as it grows from the very beginnings to a great population center and a center of arts, culture, and science. Includes links to definitions of many people, places, and things.

Maps of Ancient Greece
See the many parts of Ancient Greece! How far apart were Athens and Sparta? Where was Marathon? Find answers to these and other questions on these sites.

Persian Wars
The Persians tried several times to conquer Greece. Despite overwhelming advantages in troop numbers, the Persians went home losers every time.

The Ancient Greek Olympics
The Olympic Games in ancient Greece were a religious festival first and sporting events second. The Greeks also quit fighting for the entire Games period. And the events that they competed in were both similar and different to those today's Olympics offer.

Crete in Ancient Times
Learn more about the island in particular, its history, its culture, its industry, and its myths.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great changed the world in many ways. Read all about this fascinating larger-than-life figure from ancient history.
Greek Tragedy: The Invention of Drama
This exciting feature traces the beginnings of the drama as we now know it, from its earliest beginnings as satyr plays to the genius of the Big Three Greek tragedists--Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. The article is in the form of a play script, complete with illustrations of the principals.

The Life and Death of Socrates
Learn more about the famous philosopher. Includes a link to famous quotes.

Lots of Great Greece Links
Find everything you need in your study of Ancient Greece here, at this wonderful site from KidsKonnect.

Homer: Poet for the Ages
Homer is said to have written The Iliad and The Odyssey, stories of The Trojan War and ancient Greece. But nobody really knows that much about him. This site gives you insight into this shadowy figure.

The Peleponnesian War
This war was a long time coming. Check out the long chain of events that led to Greek fighting against Greek.

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