Maps of U.S. History

See how the United States got to be the way it did with these helpful, colorful maps.

13 Colonies Map
This helpful map shows all 13 Colonies, including the Georgia Territory and what would later become Maine.

Northwest Territory Map 1787
The Northwest Territory was one of the first big land grants to expand the boundaries of the United States. See which states came out of this territory.

U.S. in 1800
See the state of the Union in 1800. This was a mere three years before the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the country.

Admission Dates of States and Territories
Ever wondered when your favorite state came into the Union? You can find out here, on this list in the form of a map.

Maps of U.S. Wars
See the places and dates for wars fought by United States armed forces.

Exploration and Settlement of the United States
See the United States come together by viewing the same map at different times in history!

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