Maps of U.S. Wars

These maps show you the wars fought by the United States.

Maps of the American Revolution
These maps, from the Library of Congress, show the development and conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

Maps of the Revolution
More maps of this pivotal war

War of 1812 Maps
From the National Park Service

Mexican War Maps
These maps of the Mexican War illustrate pivotal events

Civil War Maps
Huge number of maps of the Civil War
Spanish-American War Maps
With context and analysis

World War I Maps
Maps of the Great War

World War II Maps
287 of them

Korean War Maps
This often overlooked war was very important to the stability of Asia in the 20th Century. See the progress of the war through these helpful maps.

Vietnam War Maps
See how it began, progressed, and ended. Follow the progress of this polarizing war with these maps.

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