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These books are fiction for ages 9–12.
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Fiction 9–12

MAZE Adventures
These two fun new books from National Geographic give you the chance to storm a castle or explore an ancient Egyptian Pyramid, all the while trying to get through a maze and soak in all the historical detail you can handle. It's an ingenious way of presenting information and a reminder that even the smallest detail can make the largest difference in both historical research and ancient (or medieval) intrigue.

On the Trail of John Brown's Body
This, book two in the Young Heroes of History series, follows the adventures of two young boys in Civil War-era America. Follow along as they witness one of the most explosive moment in American history: John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Va.

Our Journey West
Follow the adventures of young Sarah Marshall as she travels with her family across America on the Oregon Trail in the mid-19th Century. Buffalo hunts, cattle drives, river fords, canoe rides, Indian encounters are all on the menu here, seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. This book really shows how young people went through life during this period in history.

A Pioneer Christmas
Think Christmas in America has always been celebrated the way it is now? Think again. In the early 19th Century, American families did different things and emphasized different traditions. The values of family and togetherness at the holiday are the same, though. And you can find out much more about this topic in Barbara Greenwood's wonderful book A Pioneer Christmas.

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