Historical Maps

These maps give you sense of how things were way back then. Find maps of ancient times, the Middle Ages, even the "old" 20th Century!

Maps of North America History
These maps trace the development and history of North America, from earliest times to the present.

Maps of U.S. Wars
These maps show the wars the United States armed forces have fought in, from the earliest to modern.

Exploration and Settlement of the U.S.
These maps show the way the U.S. was settled and the people who explored it.

Maps of the History of Canada
See how Canada evolved, from French territory to English territory, to one large British colony, to one huge independent country.

Maps of the History of Mexico
What we today call Mexico was inhabited by many different peoples through the years. See who they were and where they lived.

The Maps That Columbus Used
Scholarly treatment of Columbus and his pursuit of geography and fame

12 Maps of America Before We Knew What It Looked Like
What people knew (and didn't know) way back then

Maps of Asian History
See the rise and follow of literally hundreds of countries! These sites include Russia, China, Japan, and other large Asian countries, as well as many smaller countries.

Maps of European History
These maps show the history and development of the countries of Europe.

Maps of English History
The history of England can be traced to prehistoric times. These maps pick up in the Roman period and follow the development of England through the Industrial Revolution to modern times.

Maps of French History
France is one of the oldest countries around. See how its people developed, from prehistoric times to the present.

Maps of the Middle Ages
The Middle Ages were a turbulent time in history. They were also a time when great things were done and great people lived. Many revolutions and wars occurred as well. These maps tell part of the whole story.

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