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Maps of North American History

These maps trace the development and history of North America, from earliest times to the present.

Hispaniola Map by Christopher Columbus
See a map of where Christopher Columbus first landed, drawn by Columbus himself!

America 1562
You can see the colonies and settlements on this map, done way back in 1562.

Louisiana and the Course of the Mississippi River, 1720
Follow the course (literal and historical) of the mighty Mississippi.

Great Lakes 1744 Map
The Great Lakes area was a thriving battlefield (cultural and literal) in 1744. See why.

European Settlements and Native American Tribes, 1750
One look at this map and you'll see why the conflict between Europeans and Native Americans developed the way it did.

The Five Nations
See the territories of the famous Five Nations, the Native Americans who lived in what is now New York in the time before the United States.

Native American Tribes, 1783
See where the Native American tribes claimed land in 1783, at the end of the American Revolutionary War.

Indian Land Cessions in the U.S.
See the list and the maps showing the lands that Native Americans gave up to United States settlers.

 Graphics courtesy of ArtToday

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