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Maps of English History

The history of England can be traced to prehistoric times. These maps pick up in the Roman period and follow the development of England through the Industrial Revolution to modern times.

Roman Roads in Britain
The Romans were very good at building roads wherever they conquered. See how many roads were built in Britain.

Anglo-Saxon England
After the Romans left, the Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) invaded. See what England looked like in Anglo-Saxon times.

Medieval Maps of Britain
What did Britain look like in the Middle Ages? Check out these maps to find out.

Ireland Historical Maps
Irish history is as old as British history. See the Emerald Isle at many different periods in its history.

Wales, 13th Century
See the ever-changing boundaries of Wales as its people struggle for independence against England.

England-Wales, 1643
England was in the middle of some pretty serious fighting at this time in history. See what part Wales played in it.

England and Wales, 1660-1892
See the two grow into industrial giants as they continue the age-old struggle.

London, 1827
This excellent map of London shows what lands and life were like "way back then."

Maps of England During the Middle Ages
See how England evolved during the Middle Ages.

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