Games in General

Social Studies can be learned from playing games. Check out these links to games that let you have fun AND learn.

The Game's the Thing
Games are the same all around the world, right? Not exactly.

The Youth Online Club
The fun never stops at this amazing kids site! See a daily cartoon. Send virtual postcards. Solve online jigsaw puzzles. Take a walk through the Friendship Garden. And much more!

Quiz Games and General Knowledge
Quiz games on an astounding number of subjects! Try history, geography, discoverers, money, authors, math, science, English, the Olympics, and much more!

Crazy Games
Learn while having fun, in many categories, including animals, science, geography, trivia, and more.

Knowledge Adventure
Math Blaster, School of Dragons, Sandwich Shop, and Snowman Skiing are just some of the offerings at this site.

Turtle Diary
Games in a number of subjects, including addition and subtraction, typing, money, and more.

Tutor Bot
Games to help learn basic math skills, including addition and subtraction, counting, times tables, Roman numerals, and more.

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