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Part 1: It's Jacks. Or Is It?

Did you know that games are not the same everywhere in the world? It's true.

There are obvious examples, like soccer. We in the United States call it "soccer." People in other countries call it "football" or "futbol."

You've played jacks, right? Or maybe you've seen people play it. You throw a ball up and try to pick up the jacks before the ball bounces.

Well, kids in other countries play it a little differently.

In Korea, the kids use five small stones instead of metal jacks. Once you pick up all the stones, you have to finish your turn by throwing them all up and catching them on the back of your hand. The number you catch is your score. The only way you get points in this game is to pick up all the stones, and then do the back-of-the-hand toss. Sound like fun?

In Indonesia, kids play with 10 small flat metal objects. First, you pick them all up while they're face up. Then, you pick them all up while they're face down. Then, it's upside down. Finally, it's right side up.

Indonesian kids also use a jump rope made out of rubber bands, so the kid who catches her foot on the rope doesn't fall and skin her knee.

Then there are the paper games, like Stop! ...

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