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January 24, 2024

Donald Trump followed up his win at the Iowa caucuses by finishing first in the New Hampshire primary, outdistancing his only remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, and President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in a write-in campaign.

Trump secured more than half of all of the votes cast, with some projections handing him 54 percent of the vote. Haley, who served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations when Trump was President, garnered 44 percent of the vote in projections. She had come in third in Iowa, behind Trump and second-place finisher Ron DeSantis; the Florida governor dropped out of the race just a few days later and endorsed Trump.

Biden, the incumbent President, had no trouble finishing first among New Hampshire Democratic voters, even though his name wasn't officially on the ballot. It was a technicality, as the state had no official permission to have its Democratic primary on that day because of Democratic National Convention rules stating that South Carolina would be the first-in-the-nation primary this year. Democratic voters in that state go to the polls on February 3. (The South Carolina Republican primary is on February 24.) Biden's name appeared as a write-in candidate on 51 percent of the New Hampshire ballots cast. Coming in a distant second was Rep. Dean Philips (D–Minn.).

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