Team Ruff Wins Puppy Bowl XX

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February 11, 2024

Moosh, MVP of Puppy Bowl XX In an extremely close battle, Team Ruff won the Puppy Bowl, defeating Team Fluff 72–69 and winning the Lombarky Trophy. The Most Valuable Pup was Moosh, an Australian shepherd mix (right) that scored two touchdowns, including one the length of the field. Scoring the game-winner was Cookie, a Siberian husky and American pit bull terrier mix.

The all-dog precursor to the Super Bowl was in its 20th year. The contest featured 131 dogs from 36 states and 73 shelters. All dogs, including six with special needs, have been adopted. In a first, this year's participants included a dog from the U.S. Virgin Islands, a chow chow/American Staffordshire terrier named. Other firsts included the all-time smallest participant, Sweetpea, who weighed in at just 1.7 pounds, and the all-time largest participants, 72-pound Greyhound Levi.

Familiar faces included longtime referee Dan Schachner, who this year had an assistant referee in the form of a puppy named Whistle, and the kitty cheerleaders, who performed at halftime.

The Puppy Bowl is an annual precursor to the Super Bowl, professional football's championship game. Winning that contest this year were the Kansas City Chiefs, defeating the San Francisco 25–22, in overtime.

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David White