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The Mackenzie is the world's 11th-longest river at 2,635 miles. It is the largest river in Canada.

The wildlife normally found along the river's marshy delta include snow geese and tundra swans.

The river is navigable for about five months of the year, freezing over in October and breaking up again in May. Creative Canadians use the river as an ice road during the extreme winter.

Scottish-Canadian explorer Alexander Mackenzie is the river's namesake. Mackenzie traveled the river while trying to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Among the lakes included in the Mackenzie River basin are Great Bear Lake and Lake Athabasca. Rivers commonly included in the Mackenzie system are Arctic Red, Athabasca, Liard, Peace, Slave, and south Nahanni.



 Facts About the Mackenzie River


2,635 miles


Great Slave Lake


Arctic Ocean, off Inuvik

Countries Flows Through


Cities Flows By/Through

Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Wrigley

Where Name Comes From

Scottish-Canadian explorer Andrew Mackenzie

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