3D Tour Available for New Space Found Inside Great Pyramid

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November 12, 2017

You now have another way to see inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. The catch is that you'll have to go to Paris.

That seemingly contradictory statement is made possible by 3D technology, specifically a virtual reality tour designed by the team of scientists who last week announced the presence of a large "void" inside the famed pyramid. 

The scientists, from the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute Scan Pyramids project, used space-age technology and cosmic rays to do the scan; the result was a previously unknown space, which researchers are not sure is a chamber or a corridor.

Visitors to the HIP.institute in Paris can now don a virtual reality headset and "see" the interior of the Great Pyramid, including the "void."

The Scan Pyramids project's 3D tour is not the first of its kind. Other companies have offered such virtual reality of the Great Pyramid and other pyramids at Giza and elsewhere for several years. This latest one allows visitors to see what the Scan Pyramids scientists saw in their muography scans, including the "void."

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