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July 15, 2019

Canadian coin Canada has added a new edge–several, actually–to the national currency tradition with a coin shaped like the country.

In honor of Canada Day, which is on July 1, the Royal Canadian Mint released a limited edition coin shaped like the geographical outline of Canada. On the face are animals to represent the country's 13 provinces and territories:

  • a bighorn sheep to represent Alberta
  • a Kermode bear to represent British Columbia
  • a plains bison to represent Manitoba
  • a chickadee to represent New Brunswick
  • a woodland caribou to represent Newfoundland and Labrador
  • a gyrfalcon to represent Northwest Territories
  • an osprey to represent Nova Scotia
  • a Canadian Inuit dog to represent Nunavut
  • a common loon to represent Ontario
  • Canadian coin obversea blue jay to represent Prince Edward Island
  • a snowy owl to represent Quebec
  • a white-tailed deer to represent Saskatchewan
  • a raven to represent Yukon
On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth.

The Mint printed only 2,000 of the "Canadian Landscape" coins, which retailed at $339 Canadian (US$260). Officials said that the shape of the coin and its makeup–3 ounces of pure silver–drove the price up from other commemorative coins.

The Mint has, in past years, printed coins shaped like a square and like the country's iconic symbol, the maple leaf.

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David White