Time Today

In modern times, we can keep time down to the tiniest fraction of a second. People run their lives by time schedule. Phrases using time references are everywhere. See different ways to keep and measure time.

Find out what time it is anywhere in the world! You can also learn a little about timekeeping in general.

U.S. Navy Master Clock
This is the standard for clocks in the United States. See how accurate it is!

Time Zones
The world is divided up into Time Zones. If it's 1 o'clock where you live, it's probably not 1 o'clock in another part of the world. Find out why.

Daylight-saving Time
Twice a year, people in many countries around the world move their clocks a full hour ahead or behind, depending on the season. The common shorthand for this is Spring Forward and Fall Back.

How a Clock Works
See the inner workings of a clock. Learn how timepieces keep accurate time. And much more!

Making a Sundial
People long ago used sundials to track the Sun's progress in the sky. You can do the same!

Make Your Own Star Clock
The stars are your guide as you make this helpful clock.

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