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These other FUN sites guarantee good times, on school subjects or just fun in general.

GIANT website full of fun stuff for kids! Find articles on history. See fun, new games. Discover links to your past, present, and future. And much, much more! This is one of the best sites on the Net for kids!

A to Z Kids Stuff
LOTS of fun stuff for kids, just like it says, from A to Z. Find monthly calendars, free downloads, school activities and ideas for young kids, older kids, all kids!

Famous Leaders for Young Readers
Read the life stories of famous leaders throughout history, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Alexander Graham Bell, Christopher Columbus, the Wright Brothers, and many more.

These toys for students of all ages test your brain while you're having fun.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Fun is the word at this site. You can also get lots of lists: the 100 best sites for this, the 100 best sites for that, even the best sources of online news for students. You could spend hours surfing this site alone. Check it out!

Kids Research and Education Links Dabatase
Comprehensive listing of websites recommended for students grades 1–8 who are doing research. Subjects include Reading and Literature, Math and Science, History, Arts and Entertainment, and more. Includes parenting and teaching resources as well.

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