The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a time of great unrest and great achievement.

The Middle Ages
Solid overview of medieval times

The Middle Ages in 3 and a Half Minutes
Video that does well what it promises

10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know about the Middle Ages
Varied list of things that some would find unbelievable

Middle Ages for Kids
Good, basic overview of medieval times

Everyday Life in the Middle Ages
It wasn't all castles and lords and ladies and battles.

The Early Middle Ages
Life in the 5th–10th Century

Anglo-Saxon Britain
See how a series of invasions transformed Britain

The Battle of Hastings
How a Norman leader became King of England

Magna Carta
King John approved this document that formed the foundation of modern rights and societies.

Europe, China, and Japan all had feudal societies. Check out this site for details on those societies.

15 Facts about Feudalism
How many did you know?

The Crusades
Battles over ownership of the Holy Land

The Knights Templar
The Knights Templar were one of the most widely recognized religious military organizations of the Middle Ages. They enjoyed great military success, suffered stunning military defeats, and parlayed tax exemption into considerable wealth. In the early 14th Century, they met a sudden and violent end.

The Knights Hospitaller
The Knights Hospitaller were an order of religious and then military protectors of Christians pilgrims in the Holy Land in the Middle Ages.

The Silk Road
Famed trade route between China and the West

Marco Polo
Famed explorer who traveled the Silk Road and met many famous people, including Kublai Khan

The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever
The bubonic plague was one of history's most devastating killers

The Hundred Years War
Decadeslong conflict between England and France

The Wars of the Roses
Civil war that dominated English life for several generations

The Renaissance
Widespread "rebirth" of an appreciation of ancient Western civilization

The Reformation
Widespread protest against the Catholic Church

Maps of the Middle Ages
See things geographically

Castles of the Middle Ages
All about medieval castles: facts, features, residents, history, famous ones, even the inspiration for Walt Disney!

The Gregorian Calendar
One day in 1582, 10 days disappeared from the calendar. Actually, that’s not exactly true. What is true is that the entire calendar changed.

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