Golden Week

Golden Week is a weeklong series of holidays in Japan. Included are Boys' Day, Children's Day, and Constitution Memorial Day, among others.

Guide to Golden Week
If you plan to attend these celebrations or if you're just reading up on them, this site will prove helpful and informative. It even has a large list of links to other fun sites.

Golden Week Celebrations
Kids just like you are the focus of this fun and helpful site. You'll learn how these holidays came to be and why they are bigger than ever.

Constitution Memorial Day
This is the final holiday of the week. The countrywide celebration marks the signing of the Constitution in 1947.

Greenery Day
Nature takes center stage on this day, the first of the many holidays during Golden Week. Originally the Emperor's birthday, this holiday now celebrates his love of nature.

Hakata Donkatu Festival
Music and parades are the focus of this Fukuoka celebration, which is generally attended by people from all over Japan.

Children's Day
This holiday honors all children, not just boys, and features a kids' Olympics, with events much like the real Olympic Games.

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