Franklin D. Roosevelt


These links describe Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was president during World War II.

White House Biography
Read the official life history of this famous president.

The History of the Presidential Election
EVERY election, from George Washington to the present. Which political parties have come and gone? Who has been elected more times than anybody else? Who were the "Know-Nothings"? All these and more are answered in this expansive yet easy-to-read article.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
This national historic site contains Roosevelt's papers and much memorabilia.

FDR's First Inaugural Address
Listen to this famous speech, in which Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself."

The New Deal
Find out more about Roosevelt's famous program to get the country back on its feet and out of the Great Depression.

FDR's "Fireside Chats"
Read the texts of these famous radio addresses.

The "Four Freedoms" Speech
Read what Roosevelt said about the famous "Four Freedoms."

Fala and FDR
Learn more about Roosevelt's famous pet dog, Fala.

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