Easter is both a religious and a commercial holiday. The religious holiday sees Christians celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, whom they believe is their Savior. The commercial holiday sees the coming of the Easter Bunny, who brings eggs and candy to children and adults.


Bible verses about Easter
Read the Bible passages relating to the Resurrection, from the King James Online.

What Is Easter, and Why Do Christians Celebrate It?
A good starting place for your exploration of the religious celebrations of Easter.

Easter Information
Lots of information about Easter, Holy Week, and much more.


Origins of the Easter Bunny
Germans, Pennsylvania Dutch, and chocolate. Oh, and something about birth and rebirth.

Easter with Billy Bear
Find coloring books, games, and more kids' fun!

The White House Easter Egg Roll
It's a big deal nowadays, but it started small, in the mid-19th Century.

Easter Greetings
Send fun eCards for Easter, both religious and commercial.

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