The Articles of Confederation

The first document detailing a framework for a federal government gave the states enormous power over the federal government. These links give you the text of the Articles of Confederation and stories of how they were supposed to work an, ultimately, why they didn't work.

The Articles of Confederation
This fun, illustrated article gives you just the basic facts about this first American government document. Includes chart of Powers Granted and Power Denied to the national government.

Text of the Articles of Confederation
Read for yourself the ideas the early Americans had for a national government.

The story of the Articles of Confederation
Includes excerpts from the Articles and Fun Facts.

Biographies of the Signers
This incredible site has the life stories of every one of the men who signed the Articles.

Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution
This helpful chart makes it very clear why the Constitution better suited the needs of the American people.

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