African-Americans have a long and proud history. These links tell you more.

Learn more about the lives of famous African-Americans.

Sadly, slavery is a part of the African-American story.

The Underground Railroad
Find out more about this network of houses and waystations designed to get runaway slaves to freedom.

African-American Presidential Candidates
Barack Obama was the seventh African-American to run for President.

Images of African-Americans in the 19th Century
See how difficult life was in the 1800s

DuSable Museum of African-American History
Online companion to the Chicago museum honoring the African-American experience

The American Civil War
African-Americans played many roles during this terrible war. Find out more here.

The oldest of the civil rights activism organizations, this one dates to 1909 and favored fighting battles in the courts and in the legislatures.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference
The SCLC got its start in the wake of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and exists to this day. Its most famous member was Martin Luther King, Jr.

This student-led organization began as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and claimed famed voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer as one of its most prominent members.

Footsteps Magazine
This magazine celebrates the achievements of African-Americans

African-American Museum of Philadelphia
Online companion to the Philadelphia museum honoring the African-American experience

African-American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship
This Library of Congress exhibit is filled with details in words and pictures.

Our Shared History
The National Park Service presents this celebration of African-American achievements.

Black History and Classical Music
Biographies, a discography and a Black History Quiz. Much of the material is hard to find elsewhere.

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