An Introduction to Ancient Rome

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Part 9: And in the End

Another thing the Romans were really good at was making and enforcing laws. At times, Roman laws were all that held the vast empire together. The Roman legal tradition continues to influence laws passed today.

In the end, the civilization of ancient Rome is known for several things:

  • the hugeness of the Empire;
  • the success of the well-trained armies;
  • the massive, impressive structures and construction, such as roads, aqueducts, baths, the Forum, and temples;
  • the struggle with and then embracement of Christianity;
  • the spreading of Roman writing, laws, trade practices and ideals and, especially, of Greek ideals to the rest of the known world;
  • the terrible tragedies of slavery and conquest on which the civilization was ultimately based;
  • the dramatic way in which the Empire collapsed, serving as an example for generations afterward. 

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