Book Review: Celebrate Thanksgiving

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This is one multi-cultural book. The title and the focus are on the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but the reader gets much more of a worldly focus. It's not just the Native American point of view, although that is prominent. America is definitely a Melting Pot of cultures, and the words and images in this book reflect that diversity.

The photos share the wealth, showing people of various races and cultures living in a handful of states across the country. The result is a picture of diversity that defines the modern United States. Especially welcome is the inclusion of various menu additions that reflect non-European cultures, including curry, spring rolls, and black beans and rice.

The book doesn't shy away from the fact that Thanksgiving is basically a holiday all about food. However, the reader is treated to a variety of ways of looking at Thanksgiving, including as a Day of Mourning, the way that Native Americans mark it now.

The timeline at the back is illuminating and fascinating, as is the discussion of other harvest festivals around the world.

In all, this is an excellent book presenting an all-around look at a traditional American holiday that is no longer "traditional."

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