Book Review: America at Bat

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This handy book, from the good folks at National Geographic, gives you a well-rounded look at the story of baseball in America, from its earliest beginnings to its latest record-breaking performances.

Using pictures of traditional things like players and ballparks and more culture-related things like cereal boxes and candy bars, the book shows how much American culture and baseball are intertwined.

You also get records, statistics, and even a trivia quiz or two. What a wonderful way to showcase the American pastime.

Beginning with a compelling timeline and an introduction by home run king Hank Aaron, the book takes not a chronological approach but a hands-on approach, describing the equipment needed to play the game and describing the need and source for rules.

Subsequent chapters focus on fans, heroes, and firsts. A good part of the book is dedicated to Jackie Robinson and other players from the Negro Leagues. Robinson, you'll remember, was the first African-American player in the Major Leagues in 1947. He played for several Negro League teams before he joined the National League's Brooklyn Dodgers.

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