World War I

These links describe the United States's involvement in the Great War, or World War I.

World War I
This was the first war to be fought by countries all around the globe. Find out more about the causes, events, and consequences of World War I, or the Great War.

The Triple Alliance
Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy banded together

The Triple Entente
England, France, and Russia banded together

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The killing of an heir to the throne touched off a series of events that led to the beginning of the war.

The Christmas Truce
Christmas Day 1914 was a truce between soldiers who the day before and the day after tried to kill each other.

The Great War
Very comprehensive site detailing the struggle first called The Great War and now called World War I. See how this war brought the struggle over colonies and territories into the modern era.

World War I Document Archive
This awesome site has loads of firsthand accounts of life and death during the First World War. Doing a report on this war? Get your primary sources here!

World War I Maps
Trace the war through this series of maps

Cher Ami - World War I Carrier Pigeon
This is no joke! This carrier pigeon flew messages back and forth during World War I and saved 194 American soldiers.

Timeline of World War I
Find out more about the Great War, called the "War to End All Wars."

The Fourteen Points: Woodrow Wilson's Blueprint for Peace

President Woodrow Wilson in a Jan. 8, 1918 speech to the U.S. Congress proposed a number of elements that he hoped would lead to the end of World War I. These came to be known as the Fourteen Points.

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