William McKinley

William McKinley was a successful politician who got himself elected U.S. President, twice.

Biography of William McKinley
Follow his life story, from humble beginnings through the Civil War, through a well-known legal career, and to a career in politics, achieving the height of success not once but twice.

White House Biography
From the official White House site

The History of the Presidential Election
EVERY election, from George Washington to the present. Which political parties have come and gone? Who has been elected more times than anybody else? Who were the "Know-Nothings"? All these and more are answered in this expansive yet easy-to-read article.

The Election of 1896
McKinley's first victory

The Spanish-American War
This war ended the 19th Century and began the 20th

The Election of 1900
McKinley's second victory

William Jennings Bryan
Powerful Populist politician who ran for president three times as a Democrat (and lost twice to McKinley)

The Assassination of President McKinley
The whole sordid story

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