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Vesak is the holiest day on the Buddhist calendar. It celebrates the birth, the Enlightenment, and the death of the Buddha.

Vesak--Buddhism's Holiest Day
This feature tells you a little about Vesak and about people celebrate it. The feature also includes links to other informative and fun sites focusing on Vesak.

Buddhist Studies for Children: Vesak
This thought-provoking site has some questions and answers to help you understand and focus on the importance of Vesak in particular and Buddhism in general.

The Significance of Vesak
This site does a good job of explaining why Vesak is important. You can also learn the different ways that people celebrate it.

Human Rights Message for Vesak
This address was given in the year 2000 to mark the Vesak holiday. It is a plea for people everywhere to embrace the peaceful teachings of the Buddha.

Buddha Purnima
This is the Indian name for Vesak. Find out how people in India celebrate this great and important holiday.

Indian Fairs and Festivals: Buddha Purnima
Find out more about how people in India celebrate this great holiday.

Making a Traditional Vesak Lantern
One of the things you can do to celebrate Vesak is make a traditional lantern. This site shows you how.

Buddha Day Electronic Greeting Cards
It wouldn't be an Internet holiday without eCards, so here's the link for cards for this holiday.

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