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The Underground Railroad


The Underground Railroad was a series of safe houses and "conductors" who helped slaves escape from slavery to the North or to abolitionists in the South. These links tell you more about this famous "railroad."

The Underground Railroad: Cloaked Gateway to Freedom
The Underground Railroad is a catch-all term that refers to any of a large number of methods that American slaves and those sympathetic to them used to help those enslaved in their flights to freedom before and during the American Civil War.

Aboard the Underground Railroad
Huge list of sites that were "stops" on the famous road to freedom

Underground Railroad Site
Large number of primary sources

Harriet Tubman
She was known as the "Moses" of her people. Learn more about the famous woman.

A Bittersweet Journey on the American Railroad
A modern reporter follows in the footsteps of those fleeing slavery

PBS: The Underground Railroad
Usual excellent examination of this inspiring route to freedom

Interactive Retracing of the Underground Railroad
National Geographic offers this interactive look at the hardships faced by the Railroad's "passengers."

Underground Railroad Escape Routes
See how Harriet Tubman and others led their people to freedom.

Underground Railroad: The True Story of Josiah Henson
Read all about the man who is thought to have been the inspiration for the famous anti-slavery book Uncle Tom's Cabin.

It's hard to imagine that people did these things to each other, but different times allowed different ideals.

Timeline of the American Civil War
Follow the American Civil War, from its causes to its conclusion. Key people and events are highlighted along the way.

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