Sir Francis Drake

See the story of the notorious "sea dog" Sir Francis Drake as he sails around the world and saves England from the Spanish Armada.

Sir Francis Drake: Queen Elizabeth's Most Valuable Sailor
Sir Francis Drake rose from humble beginnings and made a name for himself as one of the most feared or reviled names on the high seas, depending on who was doing the commenting.

Sir Francis Drake
Another solid biography of the "sea dog"

Sir Francis Drake
Site focuses mainly on Drake's around-the-world voyage. You can also find leads for studying other parts of the Drake story.

10 Things You May Not Know about Sir Francis Drake
Some interesting facts and trivia here

Francis Pretty's Account of Drake's Voyage around the World
A great primary source! This was written by a man who sailed with Drake around the world.

Elizabeth I: Queen of a Golden Age
Elizabeth was the monarch who placed a great trust in Drake.

The Spanish Armada
"The greatest fleet the world had ever seen"

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