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Kwanzaa means "first fruits of the harvest." It is a time to celebrate African and African-American heritage and culture. It is celebrated in late December.

Everything about Kwanzaa
Find out the background and customs of this special African holiday. Learn what Kwanzaa means and why it is important.

Kwanzaa Time at Kid's Domain
You'll find all kinds of great stuff here! Play online games, color great designs, send electronic cards, even learn about the history of Kwanzaa.

Kulture Kids Kwanzaa Celebration
Take the virtual tour to discover the meaning and fun of Kwanzaa. Then, show off your art skills by coloring special designs or sending an electronic Kwanzaa card!

Kwanzaa Recipes
This site shares recipes so you can cook up something extra special to help celebrate Kwanzaa. You can also find out a little about why and how people celebrate.

Kwanzaa Fun Online
This site points you in all directions, to online fun and information about this important holiday. Play some fun games, learn about the symbols and words, and much more!

Kwanzaa: An African-American Experience
This entertaining site has something for everyone. Read the history of the holiday, answer some Brain Teasers, find out how people around the world celebrate, discover the Seven Principles, and more.

Lil' Fingers Kwanzaa Celebration
Made especially for younger kids, this site shows you the meaning of each Kwanzaa candle, lets you play games and color things, and much more. Don't miss the fun Story Books!

The Meaning of Kwanzaa
The good folks at the Smithsonian Institution bring this site. It is full of information about the holiday, its meaning, its beginnings, its traditions, and much more.

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