James K. Polk

James K. Polk was the nation's 11th president. He was president during the Mexican-American War. He served only one term.

President James K. Polk
The story of the frontier child who preferred his studies, jumped into politics, made a powerful ally, rode a "dark horse" candidacy to the White House, and left after only one term.

White House Biography
This site is FILLED with excellent details about this president.

American Presidents: Life Portraits
Get a good overview of the life and presidency of James K. Polk.

Polk and the Settlement of the West
This PBS site gives you a great look at the settlement of the West and how President Polk handled it.

Polk's Inaugural Address
Read for yourself what this president had to say when he was sworn into office.

The Papers of James K. Polk
List includes his inaugural address and State of the Union speeches, as well as other important papers.

James K. Polk Memorial
This historic site keeps alive the memory of President Polk and his homestead.

Mexican-American War
This war brought lots of new territory to the United States. See how.

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