George Bush

George Bush was a war veteran and had a long career in politics, including two terms as Vice-president, before he became President of the U.S.

White House Biography
From the official White House site

The American President: George Bush
Another finely detailed biography

The Election of 1988
Sitting vice-president takes top spot.

The History of the Presidential Election
EVERY election, from George Washington to the present. Which political parties have come and gone? Who has been elected more times than anybody else? Who were the "Know-Nothings"? All these and more are answered in this expansive yet easy-to-read article.

The Cold War
Bush's efforts coincided with its demise.

Invasion of Panama
Noreiga is leader no more.

The Gulf War
Iraq invades Kuwait, then leaves.

"Read my lips: No new taxes"
Bush's pledge came back to haunt him.

North American Free Trade Agreement begun by Bush and completed by Clinton

The Election of 1992
Bush lost his re-election bid.

Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
Two political rivals work together to help people in need.

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