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What Banks Do
A bank is, at its most basic, a place where money changes hands. Banks offer a wide array of services. They have accounts for people and businesses. They have safe deposit boxes. They have loans for all kinds of things. They hand out cash, for a price.

Find out more about banks, their services, and their functions in this accessible article.

Business Cycles
What is a recession? Why are governments so hesitant to declare one? Well, it's a long period of falling economic growth, part of an overall business cycle that economists use to describe the ups and downs of a country's economy. Still confused? Click here for a bit-by-bit breakdown of the American Economy Business Cycle.

The Stock Market
Just what is the stock market? What are stocks and bonds? Why should people be worried if the stock market goes down? How do people make money on investments? This easy-to-read article answers all of these questions and many more.

Debts and Deficits
A debt and a deficit are two similar yet different elements of economics that can be found on many levels, from personal on up to international. Find out more loans, debts, deficits, and the money that governments owe one another.

Money at KidsKonnect
Find all kinds of great sites about money, from games to history, and everything in between!

ThinkQuest Investing for Kids
Learn the different kinds of investments, use the Goal Calculator, and even play a stock market game. This ThinkQuest project has it all, and it's written by kids just like you!

Take a tour of economic concepts with MegaMoney, your host. Visit the "Goods and Services Farm" and then check out the Ice Cream Store, to learn about supply and demand.

Making Cents of Money
If you can get past the $100-bill wallpaper on the site's front door, you'll discover a wealth of information about money, its history, and its current uses.

The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change
Learn about money the easy and fun way! Go to Camp Coin, take the Time Machine, play other fun games!

A FUN place to learn about money and banking. Each of the characters tells you his or her own story. Start with Penny, then move up to Dollar Bill and Investment Ray!

The Mint
Think you want to own your own business? Check out this site first. You'll learn what laws you need to follow and how much tax you need to pay to the government. You'll also learn how much money you get to keep for yourself!

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