Ancient Civilizations in General

Ancient civilizations arose all over the world. Find out about these cultures and their peoples in a survey of history from "way back when."

How Did We Get the Alphabet?
Trace the alphabet of today way back to the first writings and the first alphabet.

The 10 Oldest Civilizations
Count the down, the oldest of the old. Find out more about Greece, Rome, the Indus River Valley civilization, and more.

The British Isles before Rome
Julius Caesar was the first Roman leader that we know about to bring a serious expeditionary force to the British Isles. But what were they like before Caesar arrived? Who were the Celts and the Picts and the Welsh? Learn more about their religion and their warfare and their daily life.

Women in the Ancient World
Ancient history is full of powerful women. Women also played a large role in raising children and keeping men in line.

Ancient Religions
Ancient people were obsessed with religion. Most cultures had their own religions, but some religions crossed territorial boundaries.

10 Forgotten Ancient Religions
Time moves on, sometimes leaving whole religions behind.

A Walk Through Time
Lots to learn about ancient calendars

A History of Urbanization
Watch civilizations come and go in this interactive video.

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
It wasn't all wars and empires.

Belief and the Healing Arts of Ancient Civilizations
Ancient medicine in various forms

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