Fearless Girl to Leave Path of Charging Bull, Supplant It

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April 19, 2018

Fearless Girl will no longer face down the Charging Bull.

The New York City statue of a girl, sculpted by Kristen Visbal, was installed in honor of International Women's Day in 2017, and was intended to promote the idea of more women on the boards of large, publicly traded companies, like the ones doing business on the stock exchange.

Fearless Girl, Charging Bull

As the statues stand now, Fearless Girl appears to be not all worried, even defiant, in the path of Charging Bull.

The two statues are at the moment in Bowling Green Park, on Broadway. The bull statue made its debut in December 1989. The sculptor, Arturo Di Modica, put the statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange, as a symbol of the strength of the city's financial district, commonly known as Wall Street. The Stock Exchange, however, had the statue moved to its present location, two blocks to the south.

The bull has long been a symbol of prosperity in financial circles, as the bear been a symbol of down times. The use of the animals' names has become common, with investors, financial sector workers, and even commentators referring to "bull markets" (which are "good," or prosperous) or "bear markets" (which are "bad", or not prosperous).

Di Modica was none too happy when the statue of the girl appeared, as if in the path of the charging bull. Visbal was delighted at the thought that her creation was standing up to a threat.

Fearless Girl will have a new home: the next target of her defiant stance and demeanor is the Stock Exchange itself (with the approval of the exchange and the city government). The move is expected to take place by the end of the year.

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