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January 24, 2018

Not be outdone by Los Angeles, New York has opened a dog café. It's Boris & Horton, in Manhattan's East Village.

Boris & Horton, New York's dog café

This dog café will be having weekend adoption and fostering sessions; but having cats on hand in the hopes that human visitors will take them home, as with cat cafés, is not the everyday mission of Boris & Horton.

The café is named for the dogs of the two owners: Coppy Holzman owns Boris, and Logan Mihkly (Coppy's daughter) owns Horton. The owners chose the location because of its proximity to Tompkins Square Park, a popular nearby dog and owner hangout. Across the street is an animal hospital.

Dog owners make sure that their canine pets are in the dog area, which is separated from the human food preparation area by a glass partition. People can buy coffee and other drinks and snacks and take them into the dog area, which has plenty of room for dogs to run around and also has a few tables on which sit dog merchandise for sale (for both dogs and their owners).

Posted prominently on the wall is a code of conduct, for both dogs and owners. Among the rules is that dog must always be on leashes, even if they are also following another rule that requires them to be calm and orderly.

Dog café, Los Angeles's dog caféSarah Wolfgang's Dog café opened in Silver Lake, a central Los Angeles neighborhood, in 2016. The idea behind that café is to showcase dogs up for adoption. Inside are dogs from a nearby shelter. The Dog café serves coffee and other drinks but no food.

The idea has also taken off in other countries:

  • South Korea also has a dog café, the Bau House, in the Hongdae region of Seoul, the South Korean capital. Café owners make their own dog treats, and the canines are free to roam the premises, although the owners ask that dog owners keep their pets in certain parts of the place based on the size of the dog.
  • Warwick, in England, has Chiens et Café, which has the tagline, "Where dogs can bring their owners."
  • In Australia, the Moonee Beach section of New South Wales has Maggie's Dog Café, which is also a dog spa.

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