Book Review: This Is Daniel Cook Series

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Ages 4-8

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These are fun books. The stories and the main character make them fun.

The main character would Daniel Cook, a young boy who has his own TV series and fun website. These are the first four books in the series from Kids Can Press. They are This Is Daniel Cook on the Farm, This Is Daniel Cook on a Hike, This Is Daniel on a Plane, and This Is Daniel Cook at the Fire Station.

In each book, Daniel meets someone new, who tells him all about something or some part of the world. We want to learn more because Daniel does, and his zeal for learning (not to mention the brilliantly fun way that the books are desinged) makes us want to keep reading. Daniel is a curious, fun-loving boy, but he also has a big grin, one that makes us look sheepish.

Daniel tries new things and has so much fun doing them that the readers feel like they want to do them, too. Daniel urges his readers to learn and experience their world.

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