Book Review: Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

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Religious holidays are sometimes difficult to understand, especially if one isn't an adherent to that particular religion. Many non-Muslims have heard of Ramadan but don't know much about it. This book, Celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr, aims to educate.

And that it does. Part of the new Holidays Around the World series from National Geographic, this book presents one of the most sacred of Muslim holidays in a positive, interesting, and fascinating light. In addition to learning the names of the two meals a day that Muslims eat during Ramadan (sahur and iftar), the book delves into the other two of the three main focal points: prayer and charity. Especially during this holy month, Muslims pray five times a day and spend other moments in prayer as well. In addition, they give money and food and time to people who are less fortunate than they are.

Ramadan is a solemn time, one of reflection and contemplation, of one's place in the world and how to make others' lives better. The festival that ends Ramadan, Eid-Al-Fitr, is even more ebullient because it follows a reflection 30 days. The three-day Eid-Al-Fitr is a feast and celebration, of life and happiness.

Overall, this is a great book, providing an excellent introduction to the holy month of Ramadan and the festive feast that follows it.

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