Book Review: Children around the World

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Donata Montanari's wonderful book Children Around the World urges kids to look around them and around the world. Kids in other countries aren't all that different.

The book, which includes illustrations drawn by the author herself, has many examples to prove this point. Many of the children go to school. In Tanzania, they learn English. In Bolivia, they learn Spanish. The language is the same, and the pictures are the same. This shows that kids going to school all around the world do some of the same things.

The book also does a good job showing the unique cultures of the kids who tell their stories. By reading through the book, you can learn a lot about different countries and their cultures.

This is a happy book. All the children are smiling as they share what they do every day and their favorite things.

Best of all, the book can be read by kids of a very young age. The sentences are short and simple, and the pictures accurately illustrate the words in the sentences. Even kids who have the words read to them can see the pictures and put them together with the words to form fun images

I recommend this book. It is good fun. The writing style is breezy and fun. The illustrations are fun and extremely well drawn. The concept is a great one and is done very well.


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