Time in History

Trace the development of timekeeping with these helpful sites. Learn how the ancients kept track of time, and see how today's timekeepers aren't all that different.

Ancient Calendars
Follow the ancients as they invent device after device to keep time. Some of these inventions may surprise you!

http://www.ducksters.com/history/china/chinese_calendar.phpm">Ancient Calendars and Timekeeping in China
The Far East had many useful inventions, time measurement devices among them.

Time Measurement in Ancient Greece
See how the ancient Greeks kept track of time, then compare them to other civilizations.

Time in Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians were advanced in many areas, including time measurement. See how this is so.

A Walk Through Time
Follow the measurement of time through its historical development. See how the timepieces change from culture to culture.

Sun and Water Clocks
Sundials and water clocks--two of the most useful inventions ever made. And they were easy to make, too!

Clock History
Trace the evolution of the clock, from simple gears to elaborate mechanisms.

Calendars Through the Ages
From timekeeping devices came the calendar, a counting of days until the next event, like a flood or the appearance of the Moon. Trace the history of the calendar at this exciting site!

Maya Calendar Round
The Mayas had not one calendar but three! They all worked together to produce a series of dates. See this complicated system made easy.

Gregorian Calendar
This is the modern calendar, the one we use today. It was quite controversial when it was introduced, hundreds of years ago. See why.

How the Days of the Week Got Their Names
The modern Western days of the week got their names from Norse mythology and from Roman times. Discover the origins of the names of the seven days of the week.

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