Softball Pitcher Records Perfect Game, All on Strikeouts

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April 12, 2021

Hope Trautwein made history by striking out every batter she faced, the entire game.

Hope Trautwein

Trautwein, who plays softball for the University of North Texas, pitched a complete seven-inning game against the University of Arkansas–Pine Bluff and struck out all 21 batters, without allowing a hit or a walk and her team made no errors. It was the first time in NCAA Division I history that a softball pitcher had achieved such a feat. Her team won the game, 3–0.

Trautwein was especially dominant in the first three innings: The first nine batters struck out on the minimum of three pitches each. In all, Trautwein struck out 17 batters swinging (including the first 10) and four batters looking.

In softball, as in baseball, pitchers dream of pitching a no-hitter–a complete game in which none of the opposing batters gets a hit. A more stellar achievement is a perfect game–a no-hitter during which no opposing batter even gets on base. No-hitters and complete games are rare but not unheard of; Trautwein's feat is unique.

NCAA records show that that two other Division I softball pitchers recorded all 21 outs by strikeout. But neither Alabama's Alexis Osorio in 2018 nor California's Michele Granger in 1991 did so while also pitching a perfect game. (Granger holds the NCAA record for no-hitters, with 25.)

Trautwein herself has achieved the 21-strikeout feat twice already and has also pitched a no-hitter, twice, once in 2018 and once in 2019. But her most recent feat was the first time that she had put it all together.

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