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U.S. History

Benjamin Banneker: An Important African-American
Benjamin Banneker was the first great African-American inventor. He built a wooden clock that ran for 40 years. He was very good at other things as well: He published an annual almanac that made him famous in America and Europe. Most of all, he is known for designing Washington, D.C.

Harriet Tubman: Symbol of Freedom
Harriet Tubman, a former slave, gained her freedom and then returned to slave territories 19 times, risking capture and death. She led more than 300 slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad, and she was known as the "Black Moses."

Frederick Douglass: Great Foe of Slavery
Frederick Douglass, a former slave, was a tireless foe of slavery, speaking to anyone who would listen and publishing his own books and newspapers. He was a great American.

You Be the Historian
Be your own historical detective! This fun activity gives you visual and written clues about a house, then asks you to discover how the occupants lived.

A Biography of America
This looks like just another timeline, but it's not. It's a fascinating journey into American history, filled with maps, vivid eyewitness accounts to historical events, and a timeline.

African-American History
The history of America is intertwined with the history of the African-American. This About site is comprehensive yet easy to navigate.

Culture & Society in the 20th Century
Your About Guide to 20th Century History takes you on a joyride through American cultural history. Learn all about how people lived in the ealry 1900s. In some cases, it was exactly the same as how we live today.

Women's History
One of THE best sites on the Internet for researching Women's History. Let your About Guide take you through this fascinating part of history step by step.

Emigration USA
Read a firsthand account of one family's emigration to the United States in the 19th Century. At times, even the most basic comforts may seem far away.

Way Back--Technology in 1900
You probably don't know too many people who were alive in 1900. But this site has lots of fun stuff to look at, including the first cars, the first telephones, and the first music video. (That's right, MTV wasn't the inventor!) Also, check out some predictions from 1900 to see how close they came to coming true.

Early Adventures with the Automobile
Read how some of the automobile's first drivers liked their experiences! You can also see pictures of those old cars. Some things have changed a great deal, but other things ...

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