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Teaching Resources

The North Bay International Studies Project
Excellent resources for teaching international studies. Includes resources for teaching about Brazil, Africa, India, and much more!

Teacher's File Cabinet
This site has LOADS of information on all kinds of subjects, including lesson plans, software/shareware, pages by topic, kid places, and much more!

About Lesson Plans for Secondary Students
Your About guide to Secondary School Educators gives you lesson plans, teaching ideas, and more! Find information on history, geography, government, and all other aspects of social studies.

Hyper History
We've all seen that wall chart that takes up a city block. This same information is presented much more attractively here, with the inclusion of photos, graphics, and maps.

Military History
This site covers war worldwide from today all the way back to Greek and Roman times. The interactive timeline on the front door is well worth a look

Ask Asia
The resources here are astounding. Lesson plans, links to Asian schools, maps, photos--all are here. A vital resource for the teaching of Asian cultures and history.

Awesome! 75+ History Websites for a Perfect Research
VERY large list of history websites, with a description of each to match. Very helpful!

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